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  • Grio $15

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  • Comic Coloring Book $18

    Exploring the true life story of Sebuma, an amputated footballer, this comic color book seeks to invite young people to color the already drawn comic characters while reading the dialogue in the word bubbles.

    We hope that when the children progress with coloring the comic pages in this book, they will imagine and learn more about the challenges and potential of children with disabilities while remaining how they can be more inclusive and supportive of them.

    By purchasing this comic book, 70% of the price you pay will directly go to support the education of the children while 30% will enable us to continue offering free workshops.

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  • School days – issue 1 $13


    School Days is the most trending comic book series from Reminac Comics. It rotates around the life of 10-year-old Mutebi Emma desperately trying to keep up his grades while the chaos from his home life and school life threatens to shake his resolve.

    Each issue of school days touches a significant aspect of school life in an effort to educate and nurture the young generations into well-disciplined, self-sustaining, God-fearing and Law-abiding citizens of the state.


    Author: Reminac KC

    Illustrator: Reminac KC

    Emma is desperately trying to get to school on time but his carefree and rather over the relaxed brother who he has to take to school every day is in no rush at all. This forces Emma to do the unthinkable in order to get to school or risk missing yet another day of school. This sets in motion a series of funny events that end with Emma learning a valuable lesson.

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  • Ssebuma $13

    Written and illustrated by Mayambala Julius, a 16 year old young artist under a collaborative mentorship between Faces Up Uganda and Reminac Comic Studios.

    Ssebuma is a boy determined to become a world class football player despite his physical disabilities. The story shows the social stigma children with disabilities go through in Uganda and how it affects thier self esteem and confidence. It also shows that all dreams can come true if we work hard and never give up.

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